Teacher resources

(Photo: Courtesy of Dapto Public School)

Climate change impacts and adaptation can be a complex issue for students. We have developed these resources:

  • The NARCliM projections provide detailed information for NSW
  • Impacts of climate change can be investigated across nine areas including bushfire, floods and storms and sea level and coasts
  • Interactive maps of temperature, rainfall, fire, heat and cold nights across two projections to 2030 and to 2070
  • Coastal Management Guide teaching resource is designed for secondary school teachers involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education.

NSW syllabus, climate change can be used as a context for learning in Science (St 4 & 5) and Geography (St 4 & 5) climate change impacts and adaptation can be taught through:

  • Stage 5 Geography - Environmental Change and Management. Students investigate climate change impacts and adaptation for their location in NSW and compare this to another location e.g. Pacific island nations faced with sea level rises or agricultural regions managing changes to rainfall and temperature.
  • Stage 6 Earth and Environmental Science – Climate science 
    Students examine the mechanisms and scientific evidence for climate variation. The influence of human activity and mitigation and adaptation strategies.