Climate Risk Ready NSW

Building a Climate Risk Ready NSW

To help state government staff manage risks and opportunities associated with climate change we have developed the Climate Risk Ready NSW Guide in partnership with NSW Treasury.

Following the steps in the Climate Risk Ready NSW Guide will help increase the capacity of the NSW Government sector to identify and manage climate change risks to public assets, services and objectives. It is aligned to NSW Treasury’s Internal Audit and Risk Management Policy for the NSW Government sector (TPP20-08) and Risk Management Toolkit (TPP12-03).

The Guide offers a four-step process to conduct or revise a climate change risk assessment aligned to ISO:31000(2018) Risk management guidelines and builds upon national and international best practice in climate change risk assessment and adaptation practice.

Outline of Climate Risk Ready process

The Guide provides tools to support organisations including:

  • A Climate Risk Maturity Health Check Tool (Appendix B) that takes users through simple steps to understand the current climate risk management maturity of the organisation, and its level of adaptative capacity. The tool is aligned to the NSW Treasury Risk Maturity Assessment Tool.
  • A Climate Risk Assessment Tool (Appendix C) that provides a standardised template to identify, assess and evaluate climate change risks. This tool may be adapted to align to existing risk management frameworks in your organisation.

The assessments generate information that can be used to develop adaptation strategies and make decisions under conditions of risk and uncertainty. Used over time, organisations can improve their climate change risk management maturity and further integrate climate risk management into existing policies and procedures. This will allow the NSW Government sector to better deal with emerging climate change risks alongside other traditional risk categories.

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Biodiversity Technical Report
Biodiversity Technical Report
Biodiversity Technical Report

Further capability building is now available

In conjunction with the Guide we have developed a course of nationally accredited units in climate change risk assessment and management being delivered by the Western Sydney University The College.

The course will commence delivery in 2021 and is intended for a state government audience. You can find further information about the course and enrolments at the WSU The College website or by contacting

Climate Risk Ready training