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Access to NSW climate change data

NSW and ACT Regional Climate Model data

Climate change projection data is now available through the Climate Data Portal. Users are able to select data for particular locations and date ranges.

Start downloading data from the Climate Data Portal.

Map data available from Adapt NSW

You can download maps of future changes in the NSW climate and the impacts of these changes on the state. The maps are in ASCII file format and based on the NARCliM projections.

The data is available for the multi-model mean of the 12 model ensemble for the NARCliM 10 kilometres domain. For temperature, hot days and cold nights, rainfall and Forest Fire Danger Index go to the NSW Climate Change Downloads page. For impact research go to the individual climate change impact research pages.

ANUCLIM Datasets

Part of the NARCliM dataset is now available at both 1 km and 250 m resolution. Variables available at this resolution are monthly averages of: maximum temperature, minimum temperature, precipitation, radiation and evaporation. A set of monthly bioclimatic parameters is also available at this spatial resolution. More information on this high resolution data and the bioclimatic parameters is contained in the ANUCLIM Technical Report

If you would like this data, please contact us at