NSW Government
action on climate change

NSW Climate Change Policy Framework

The NSW Government has released the NSW Climate Change Policy Framework, which commits NSW to the aspirational objectives of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and helping NSW to become more resilient to a changing climate.

The policy framework defines the NSW Government’s role in reducing carbon emissions and adapting to the impacts of climate change and sets out next steps for implementation.
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Prepare NSW for unavoidable changes in our climate

The Government has worked with the ACT Government and the Climate Change Research Centre at the University of NSW to provide local-scale projections of future changes in temperature, rainfall and other climate variables for the whole of NSW and the ACT. These fine-scale projections will help local government, business and the community to build resilience in the face of future extreme events and hazards by helping them to understand the impacts of climate change in their local areas.

By understanding climate impacts, the community, business and government can better manage risk and take actions to adapt.

OEH’s climate change adaptation programs are aimed at building the resilience of the State's natural environment, economy and communities by:

The NSW Adaptation Research Hub researches the best adaptation responses for NSW under the themes of coasts, biodiversity and communities.

To understand some of the risks, the NSW Climate Impact Profile provides an assessment of projected biophysical changes across the State. The profile has helped decision-makers with their planning and response strategies.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in NSW

The NSW Government is working to deliver economically efficient and environmentally effective policies and programs that do not duplicate initiatives of the Australian Government. They include:

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NSW Climate Change Council

The NSW Climate Change Council provides independent, expert advice to OEH on matters relevant to the NSW Government's response to climate change.