Towards a Resilient Sydney

The Towards a Resilient Sydney project aimed to:

  • develop improved information of climate risks for Sydney
  • assess cross-sectoral vulnerability to these risks
  • identify responses and opportunities that help local communities to improve resilience and minimise impacts.

There are a number of sub-projects within Towards a Resilient Sydney that help to create a comprehensive understanding of climate change vulnerabilities and potential adaptation responses in the Greater Sydney Metropolitan Region.

Map of Sydney Local Government Areas
Towards a Resilient Sydney Study Area incorporating 41 local government areas as above.

Taking stock

The Towards a Resilient Sydney Adaptation Review Paper examined global examples to identify ‘best practice’ principles and actions for urban adaptation planning for climate change. 

Review and synthesis

A series of literature reviews by leading researchers were undertaken across different urban sectors to evaluate current and emerging research on climate change adaptation, relevant to Sydney. 

These reports have been compiled into the Towards a Resilient Sydney Urban Adaptation Research Synthesis summarising each review, listing potential areas for futher investigation and outlining the cross-sectoral knowledge themes. 

Socioeconomic profile for Sydney

In 2013 the NSW Department of Planning and Environment developed a Socio-economic Profile of the Sydney region; including economic and demographic trends and projections to inform the integrated regional vulnerability assessment (see below).

Sydney IRVA

The aim of the Sydney Integrated Regional Vulnerability Assessment (IRVA) is to build a shared understanding of the Sydney Metropolitan Region’s vulnerability to climate change and to catalyse adaptation through responses that are sensitive to the reality of regional systems. A series of workshops were conducted in late 2013 with representatives from government service providers from five key sectors: Human Services, Economy and Industry, Emergency Management, Infrastructure and the Built Environment, and Natural and Cultural Assets. The sector workshops provided an in-depth regional understanding of the vulnerability of the Sydney Metropolitan Area to climate change impacts, and the Integration workshop prioritised actions to address these vulnerabilities.

Metropolitan Sydney IRVA Vol. 1 (PDF 2.1 M)

Metropolitan Sydney IRVA Vol. 2 (PDF 1.5 M)

The Guide to Integrated Regional Vulnerability Assessment  sets out the steps involved in establishing and running the assessment and analysing the data the process generates. The guide also explains the theoretical principles that support the IRVA process.

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