South East

Map of South East NSW

The first Integrated Regional Vulnerability Assessment (IRVA) process took place in south-eastern NSW—the region covering the Snowy Mountains, the Southern Tablelands and the South Coast.

Over 6 months, more than 150 regional administrators and local representatives worked together to understand the vulnerability of the region to the forecast effects of climate change. They considered the potential consequences for the community in terms of health, water, landscapes, primary industries, tourism, infrastructure and emergency management.

The findings were published in two reports:

  • South East NSW IRVA Vol. 1 (PDF 634 KB) identifies regional climate-change vulnerabilities and canvasses action to reduce them through a coordinated response.
  • South East NSW IRVA Vol. 2 (PDF 1.24 MB) presents the detailed results of workshops held during the process.

The South East IRVA laid the foundations for the Enabling Adaptation in the South East (EASE) process, which aims to help state and local government to incorporate climate-change considerations into long-term planning.

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