NSW Climate projections map for 2060-2079

Temperature: Change in average temperature (ºC)


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The NSW Climate projections can be viewed in 2 ways: Grid View or Region View.

1. In Grid view you can see the average value of the 12 model output for each 10km grid for all variables. Use the Edit Map Settings to change between variables, seasons, time periods. Click on a grid square to view the value of the variable for that location. 

2. In Region view you can select a Region and see more information on the average value of the region for all climate variables. Click Read more in each variable dropdown to read more detailed information about the climate changes along with a chart that displays the 12 model output for the region for each season.

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Change in average temperature (ºC)

  1. 0.5
  2. 1
  3. 1.5
  4. 2
  5. 2.5

State view summary

In the 2060–79 scenario, the number or warm days and nights and the number of tropical nights are projected to increase substantially in the future but the numbers will differ between locations. West of the Blue Mountains area will exprience many tropical nights while the areas in the outback areas in the west of the state will experience many dry tropical nights over the year.

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